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ALL OUT OF LOVEWritten:Graham Russell/Clive DavisI'm lying alone with my head on the phoneThinking of you till it hurtsI know you hurt too but what else can we doTormented and torn apartI wish I could carry your smile and my heartFor times when my life feels so lowIt would make me believe what tomorrow could bringWhen today doesn't really know, doesn't really knowChorus:I 'm all out of love, I'm so lost without youI know you were right believing for so longI 'm all out of love, what am I without youI can't be too late to say that I was so wrongI want you to come back and carry me homeAway from this long lonely nightsI'm reaching for you, are you feeling it tooDoes the feeling seem oh so rightAnd what would you say if I called on you nowAnd said that I can't hold onThere's no easy way, it gets harder each dayPlease love me or I'll be gone, I'll be goneChorusOh, what are you thinking of?What are you thinking of?Oh, what are you thinking of?What are you thinking of?Chorus(3x)=======中譯=======與愛絕緣  空中補給合唱團獨自躺著,頭靠在電話上想你想到心痛我明白你也受到傷害,但又能如何除了折磨與心碎但願我能將你的笑容放在心中當我的人生如此低潮之際那會使我對明天懷有一絲希望當今天不知何去何從我已與愛絕緣失去你讓我感到失落我知道你是對的長久以來一直相信我已與愛絕緣沒有了你,我算什麼不能太遲向你承認我真的錯了我要你回來,帶我回家遠離漫長、孤寂的夜晚我正向你靠近,你感覺到了嗎那是多麼棒的感覺如果我現在向你懇求說我已撐不下去沒有更好的方法一天比一天更難熬請你愛我,否則我會死吾愛,你在想什麼你在想什麼

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