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It's wonderful today
Just discuss with my colleague about time management. My colleague's name is Posh, an engineer in our company.

As he described, (because he joined the class of the time management last night while I didn't)
the teacher said that time cannnot be managed, while it was made by "event"
We do can manage "event". How?

1. Write down ur goal, ur interest and wish. Have a plan for ur life
2. Write down every event everyday...like dairy and then you can know where is the tme gone?

3. Have daily plan, keep ur brain on these important event and say good bye to the event which is unnessary

and watse ur time.

For me, it's difficult to write daily everday, , don't need to say to write done every event everyday.
While I will try to do it and share with you.

In fact, I do waste much of my time these days duing my duty hours. Especially waste too much time
on smoking.
What I did today? ( should say yesterday) . Wake up at 8:59 am.........rush to my company and.....
buy breakfast..............start to work at 9:30-10:00....forget...........nearly everday I wake up too lateand start to work to late........汗顏
During my working time, i join an important meeting called " VR131 EVT review"

I suggest the engineer to add " AV out" in the product so that the user can hook up the VR131 to their VCR
for recording. (VR131 is a wireless USB receiver which can receive the wireless camera signal and tranlate the

image signal to PC).

At night, I went to Brass Monkey, the put I introduced on my article several days ago. It's quite relax there

and I have a game with the foreigner there. I like to play Pool at Brass monkey. Will upload the pic on my blog later.
Totally, I am happy today cause I do important suggestion to my day company, and I got a new student (my online school) today, and have good time on Brass Monday at mid night. ^^
It's a great day and look forward to see u tomorrow.

Have a nice dream, everyone.

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